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My name is Haley Tetreault and I live in Atlanta. I am a fashion photographer and coffee fanatic. Seriously.
I grew up in the South of France, Toulouse specifically, and have just recently moved back to the US to start my career in the industry. My style is romantic and dreamy, and I hope you love it.

Starting a blog was difficult for me. I felt like I had no time and no energy to start a blog. You can read my very first blog post here.

However, I remember that I'm not doing this for myself, hopefully, I am helping you be inspired to go out and create.
I started this blog to give tips, show what goes on behind the scenes and give extra content for readers like you!
If you are a fashion photographer you will find some helpful tips and tricks along the way. I will be as open as I can about my experiences as a photographer so that you can learn and not make my mistakes. ;)
If you are a reader, internet junkie or blog lover, I will write about some personal journeys and adventures! Who knows what I'll write about...

What's exciting about this blog is that it doesn't always have to do with fashion! Although most us love fashion, some times its good to take a break and talk about things that matter; like worth and value.

I don't have a specific direction this blog is heading but my hope is that you find comfort in the spontaneity in a wold where we feel like everything is robotized and nothing is very personal anymore.

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You can read all about me and the purpose of this blog, here. :)

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