A Year In Review

12:04 PM

"Don't compare yourself to others, but compare yourself with who you used to be" has always been and always will be my motto.

When I'm upset because I think someone is doing better than me, I need to remind myself that this isn't a competition.
We are all in this together and if another photographer landed that job I wanted or just got new gear I was drooling over but couldn't afford, then congrats to them! We are all in our own journey and I believe that comparing ourselves to others in the road to unhappiness and frustration.

2014 has been so amazing to me, I've had the pleasure of working with five magazines and two designers this year and have collaborated with so many other amazing artists!
I have been the most pleased with working with Natt Taylor, a designer here in Atlanta who so kindly lent my stylist her clothes for my latest editorial with EllĂ©ments. Also in the spring will be two years of working alongside Lizard Thicket! Wow, how time flies.

In light of what 2014 has looked like, here are some of my goals for 2015:

  • Focus on my own journey and stop comparing myself to others
  • Learn as much as I can from people who inspire me
  • Stay continually inspired
  • Work on a minimum of six editorials and make them personal projects
  • Be patient and continuously be thankful for the people around me
  • (andddddd of course...) Write more blog posts. 
That is an intense list, however, I know I can do it. Last year I set myself the goal to have at least one editorial published. I ended up with FIVE!

So here I am, comparing myself not to others, but comparing myself to myself. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for me.

Here are some of my favorites from the beginning of 2014:

estela magazine, jute magazine, spring 2014, designer, editorial, atlanta photographer
And some of my favorites from the end of the year:

iMute magazine, olivia hargrove, ellements magazine, fall 2014, natt taylor, designer, editorial, atlanta photographer
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde
Makeup: Olivia Haynie
Stylists: Lauren Anete, Olivia Hargrove
Designers: Francesca Nelo, Natt Taylor
Models: Katie B, Lane Cobb; with Click: Melissa H, Devyn E; with Factor: Katie W, Charlotte H.

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