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Milk And Honey,
Behind the Scenes

1:06 PM

It has finally come.
"Milk + Honey" was published in this month's issue of Ellements Magazine!

I was completely blown away by the positive feedback this editorial received. I appreciate it immensely as I truly believe that this series reflects who I am and what my style has grown to become. I am still so humbled by all the positive feedback. Thank you.

To see the editorial, click here.

I went location scouting the month before to find a farm complete with a hay barn, sheep, bee hives and gorgeous horses. The lovely owner, Jan, gave me permission to shoot on her property! I was so excited! The location was so beautiful it was hard to decide which specific spots I wanted to photograph in.

The theme was based on the idea of a modern pioneer mixed with a little bit of an Amish vibe. Even though the editorial didn't end up looking very Amish, its a good reminder that some ideas bring about new ones.

So don't throw away an idea for any reason; sit on it for a while and it will probably lead you to an even greater idea. Not only do you have a new idea, but you have an old one that you can store away and use for another time! This is when Pinterest comes in handy! ;)

I had the pleasure of working with a lovely team, full of energy and passion. When you have a team that's excited at 6:45 am, you know they rock. I am overwhelmingly blessed to have worked with them on this editorial.
Natt Taylor was very generous in lending us some pieces from her lovely FW14 collection and I am so thankful for her generosity. She had never worked with me or my stylist, but she had immense faith in us and I can't thank her enough for that.

A big thank you goes out to my wonderful team:

Katie fit the character so well and I couldn't be more pleased with Factor Models for letting me shoot with such an amazing talent. This was also Katie's first publication!

If you are a designer, makeup artist, stylist or signed model that is interested in teaming up with me for future editorials, please send me a note! I'd love to see what you have to offer. :)

Here is a little peak at what goes on behind the scenes! Thanks, Cassie for the photos!

 (All behind the scenes photos were shot by my wonderful assistant Cassie).

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  1. LOVE the way you selected and organized these behind-the-scenes shots!! xoxo


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